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From: Dora Pelley
Fountain City

Dear friends of the Winona community and beyond,

I am eager to share with you, our readers, where your money that you so generously donated to the Nicaraguan Relief Fund at Merchants bank has gone.

What an honor I feel in my heart to be a vessel of hope for the Nicaraguan people.

I want you to know that even though I have been living in the Winona/Fountain City area for 39 years, my Nicaraguan roots are deep within me and your financial help has relieved my heart knowing that I am doing something for the Nicaraguan people. It is because of you that this amazing humanitarian aid is getting directly to the people. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me in making this possible.

I want to share with you a true story. I have a spiritual adopted son in Nicaragua. His name is Adilson. Adilson lives with his abuelita (grandmother) who is over 80 years old. I sent him $100 from your donations to buy food for him and his grandma. He told me that he met a family with small children who had nothing to eat and shared $20 out of those $100 with this family. I praised him for his compassion and sharing what he had been given.

Another true story about a very poor community, Oliminapa, which is about 20 miles from a major highway in the northern part of the country (the community I served on my last mission to Nicaragua last summer): Many in Oliminapa are struggling to buy food for their families. A local teacher (Letty Manzanares) took her husband and distributed the $200 that we sent from the Nicaraguan Relief Fund. The day I received the pictures shown here (and a video), was July 4 in the U.S. I felt so happy that day! I felt joy in my heart that we had done something good. On the other hand, far away in Nicaragua, the smiling faces of the children gleaming with joy are touching the hearts of many including my hero teacher, Letty. I quote her own words: “I want you to know that I feel happy to be a part of the joy of each of those faces; may God bless you abundantly for this amazing humanitarian labor.”

And one last true story: An Australian woman who has dedicated much of her life to help educate children in Granada Nicaragua called me from Nicaragua herself after reading an article on Yahoo to thank me for what we were doing. She sent me pictures of her nonprofit organization called Esperanza-Granada (check it out on the Internet at She asked me for help. Two hundred dollars were sent via PayPal and she received that money immediately. Here is what she wrote back via email: “Thank you so much for your donation of $200. It is really appreciated. I know that you are also working hard to try and help with the difficult times here in Nicaragua. On behalf of all the children we work with and their communities, MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS (THANK YOU VERY MUCH).”

Winona community and beyond: I personally want to thank you for all that you have done to this date for Nicaragua. I have many more people reaching out for help. We continue to welcome donations made to the Nicaraguan Relief Fund at Merchants Bank and once again, thank you for bringing hope to many. Imagine how YOU have touched lives through YOUR generosity. YOU are creating a better world!!!


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