Liberty in law


From: Philip Sorensen

Our President, God bless him, was elected to uphold the Constitution and laws of the land. His election, against all odds, was a “God-thing.” Somehow the Progressives haven’t been able to accept the idea and have chosen to become obstructionists to everything he attempts to do — sad!

Freedom is something we Americans cherish. It has come at a tremendous price. But freedom has its obligations and responsibilities, otherwise it becomes license and leads to anarchy and destruction of a society. Our Constitution is an amazing judicial work set forth by the founding fathers of our nation, designed to preserve our freedom and way of life. Granted, some of our freedoms are gradually being taken from us: the right to life, the right to certain religious and moral beliefs and practices, and the right to bear arms and defend ourselves. In spite of this, we are still the envy of the world, and people are trying to get into our country legally and illegally.

Our problem is not that we have a tyrant in the White House, as some people say, but because Congress fails to reform our failed immigration system, and people are encouraged to disrespect our immigration laws. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, and my grandparents came to this country legally.

I am proud to be an American. We aren’t perfect, and we have some problems, but we are a nation of laws, with checks and balances. We would do better to pray for our President than demonize him. God bless America!


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