WAPS mismanages our resources


From: Kendall Larson

Recently Superintendent Dahman posted and filled an administrative line (director of learning and teaching) with a previous total compensation of $165,000 before the School Board even accepted the resignation of the outgoing holder. This could fund two teaching positions. This is two months after Dahman was threatening to cut offerings in drama, music, hockey, SLIP interns and math and reading specialists. He did cut librarians.

Previously the School Board paid Wold Architects $35,000 more for a contract that could have been handled by La Crosse HSR Associates. If last year’s referendum (thankfully voted down) had passed, Dahman recommended, and the board approved, to pay Wold $700,000 more than the next qualified quote. This was based on an unsubstantial one-page document posted to the board hours before its critical meeting.

Margaret Schild, as part-time director of community education, is receiving total compensation of $130,467. This while her husband Steve Schild has served on the School Board and its negotiations committee. On August 16, 2016, Steve Schild seconded and voted on WAPS’ personnel policies and benefits for directors in relation to his wife’s salary. This is unethical.

Clearly Dahman’s administration favors its own interests versus those of teachers and the community.

Community, do not let the board sell its school buildings before it has determined a long-term educational plan. Waiting just one year will give the board a better understanding of enrollment. Moving too hastily, this administration and board is mismanaging community funds and assets.


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