2018 Baby Boomer Shindig is on July 28 at the Blackhorse


From: Steve Cooker
Minnesota City

What is the BB Shindig?

The annual celebration of the ‘60s music we grew up with. The Classic Rockers are the core band, with well-known musicians from Winona’s past joining in.

Is the shindig a benefit?

No; however, we do take free-will offerings to raise money for friends in need — usually for serious illnesses. Last year’s anonymous recipient was given six months to a year to live and was too proud to ask for help. He then spent all his reserve going to treatments, which were a terrible burden on him financially. He also came to many of our shindigs. This time it was his turn to receive. When we handed him a bucket of cash, just so he could make it to treatments, he was so grateful, he never expected it. That’s when it hit me, the impact everybody’s generosity can have. He only lasted eight weeks, but we all lightened his burden.

How did the BBS start?

Seventeen years ago we decided it would be fun to gather the Boomers for a happy occasion. It was that simple, for pure fun.

How far do Shindigers come from?

Some actually plan their vacations to come back home around the shindig. This time, people on Facebook informed us they’re coming back home to join us from Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Wisconsin, some central states, and some states I can’t even pronounce! (“State pronouncing” was never my best subject in school.)

Who shows up?

All ages. Lots of Boomers, but it’s the younger people who surprise me. They used to say, “My mom and dad really like your music; so do we.” Now they say, “My grandma and grandpa really like your music; so do we.” Eventually they’ll say, “Our ancestors really liked your music; so do we.”

The 2018 Baby Boomer Shindig will be on Saturday, July 28, at 7 p.m. at the Blackhorse on Hwy. 61 in Winona.


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