In love with GRSF’s ‘Venus in Fur’


From: Sara Ricker

I loved “Venus in Fur!” Having been a woman in a Fortune 500 company, I was delighted to see the super ego inflated screen writer/director be perplexed and baffled by a ditzy actress “packed with a punch.” Vanda dazzled me as she played to the director’s vulnerabilities. She gave license to outlandish behavior as she took control of the theater audition in the play. It was an exquisite display of sexual roles, power plays, and subconscious weakness of the over confident while being delightfully playful. I found this play to be mind and emotion stretching, the twists and turns of the plot fascinating, and the actors astonishingly skillful and adept in changing character, gender, and status. I was captivated and must see it again.


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