Schild doesn’t get it


From: Gabe Dybing

Thank you, Steven Schild, for confirming that you served on the School Board Negotiating Committee even though, during every change of leadership, your sense of propriety caused you to ask if this were OK (Winona Post, July 18). Thank you, Schild, for resigning this position after a School Board member finally suggested that (obviously) no, this is not OK.

But to bring you back on topic, the larger point of Larson’s letter appears to be financial mismanagement, not, as you twice claim, keeping open schools (as if that view invalidates her observations anyway). Once again, leadership (this time in the form of Schild) clouds the issue. We are simply telling you to stop making high-stakes decisions, decisions often necessitating throwing around (or away) vast sums of public money, without having in hand all necessary data. Schild now has voted to sell all schools, every single one assessed for more than $2 million, for (respectively) Central ($171,000), Madison ($131,000) and Rollingstone ($80,000).

To be fair, so did the majority of the School Board. Only one member, Allison Quam, voted against the sale of any school for such paltry sums. Tina Lehnertz likewise voted against the sale of Rollingstone, but she sold out everyone else.

Schild continues to argue that his choices are for the good of students. I think his choices are for the good of school administration, who, through their reluctance to collect and distribute viable data, do not appear to be capable of ensuring a good education for students. And I don’t think squandering all this wealth is good for anybody. Voters, this next election, please think about new leadership in your areas.


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