Island City Net Works volunteers to provide support to Winona Area Toys for Kids


From: Don Anderson
Winona Area Toys for Kids Treasurer
Minnesota City

Winona Area Toys for Kids strives to provide toys to children in the Winona area that may not otherwise have something special for the holiday season. Toys for Kids has been able to collect enough toys and money from generous donors to provide a present to over 850 children each year. Winona Area Toys for Kids places over 150 barrels at area businesses and community partners that support the Toys for Kids’ mission. At the close of each collection season, the barrels need to be picked up and stored until they are distributed again the following fall. Island City Net Works has committed to performing that work for Winona Toys for Kids as an extension of its community outreach program.

Island City Net Works is a Winona-area business networking group led by AJ Kanz, Sandy Duellman, and Leah Dold. This networking group meets twice a month and is comprised of professionals not only looking to expand their businesses, but also looking for ways to reach out and give back to the Winona community. They will identify volunteers within the group to deliver and collect all of the toy barrels at local area businesses each holiday season. Volunteer commitment from community organizations like Island City Net Works are vital to the continued success of Toys for Kids. The Winona Area Toys for Kids organization would like to sincerely thank Island City Net Works for their support and volunteer efforts.


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