Hope continues to be brought to Nicaragua


From: Dora Alicia Solorzano-Pelley
Fountain City

I’m writing to inform about the two projects we have sent the next round of your donations to from the Nicaraguan Relief Fund.

The first of these projects brings clean water to a very poor community near Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. With the money you gave, they are going to buy buckets so that people can get clean water. Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners is providing the pipes and other equipment. We sent $360 for this project.

The other project your money was sent to helps the mothers and families of the young people who have been thrown in jail for doing nothing more than asking for justice and peace in Nicaragua. The Ortega/Murillo regime labels these young people as “terrorists.” It would be as if you and I walked in Winona peacefully protesting and our government threw us in jail for exercising our right to freedom of speech. We sent $400 to buy essential items such as food, water, and anything else needed for survival. Recently, these mothers, who were standing outside the jail protesting the imprisonment of their children trying to protect them, were attacked by the paramilitary regime and forced to leave the site in front of the jail. Priests hid the families in the church. Children were included.

In Nicaragua right now, you are punished for speaking out on any violation of human rights. You are called a terrorist and your life is not honored or protected. Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing as a community for my country, Nicaragua. You are making a huge difference and touching lives.

The needs are increasing as the situation worsens. Consider giving to this cause through the Nicaraguan Relief Fund at Merchants Bank.

Blessings to you.


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