Protect Winona County — vote for Marie Kovecsi


From: Doug Nopar

Voters that care about a healthy future for Winona County should vote to re-elect Marie Kovecsi for Winona County Board this fall. Do you want a commissioner that will protect us from the hazards of the frac sand industry and factory farms? A vote for Kovecsi is an important vote.

In contrast, her opponent, the former Republican state legislator from Woodbury, Michael Charron, is already showing his true colors. He has secured major financial support from frac sand players and factory farm supporters.

The first Winona County campaign finance report filed shows that Charron has already amassed close to $10,000 for this race. Nearly $3,000 of that has come from frac sand industry players. $5,800 has come from factory farm owners and supporters ($2,500 of that comes from 10 family members associated with a Winona County dairy farm that has applied for permits to expand their dairy to 3,000 cows, thereby exceeding Winona County’s current 1,500 animal unit cap).

If there was any doubt about where Charron stands on these important air and water quality, road safety and public health concerns, that doubt can now be erased. Vote Kovecsi.


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