Political letters policy


Note number 10: our word-count restrictions have changed, but only for writers who think ahead and do not wait until the last minute to craft their political endorsements.

1. Letters must be originals. Duplicate copies and form letters will be rejected.

2. All letters must be signed and include the writer’s full address. Names will not be “withheld by request.”

3. Anyone who signs a letter is assumed to be the writer, and while this cannot be proven or disproven by the Post, the writer is expected to assume full responsibility for the contents of the letter. In some cases the writer will be contacted to verify this responsibility. The Post will not knowingly publish any letter that has been written by one individual and signed by another, and does not approve of this practice.

4. No letter will be published that constitutes a personal attack on another individual, is demeaning, or potentially libelous.

5. Letters will not be accepted from candidates for any office except when making a direct reply to an issue raised by another writer against the candidate himself, and then it will be restricted to that single issue. Post advertising is suggested as the proper format for candidates to use in their campaigns.

7. Overly long letters, or handwritten letters that are difficult to read, cannot be published.

8. Letters from the same writer are restricted to two per month, as space allows.

9. Letters are printed as space allows, and may be carried over to a future edition.

10. Political letters to the editor that are deemed by Post editorial staff to be simple endorsements will be published as space permits. Letters will be restricted to no more than 200 words. However, letters received later than 10 days before a general election will be restricted to 50 words.

11. Rejected letters cannot be returned, nor will the writer be notified a letter has been rejected. However, all letters will be held on file for one week before being destroyed.


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