Vote with me for Erin Murphy


From: Kaitlyn O’Connor

As a woman living in Wiscoy Township of Winona County, I am supporting Erin Murphy for governor. Let me tell you why.

Erin Murphy has a clear, bold vision for Minnesota’s future that she articulates with passion unlike any other in this race. Her voice is genuine and inspiring. I like the way she talks, but I also like the way she listens. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with her myself, along with other family farmers in Minnesota, and she was engaged with our stories, our concerns, and our hopes. Although she may live in our urban center, geography isn’t what is most important — the issues at hand are what is important. And Erin is good on the issues.

I really respect her background as a nurse, and her work leading the Minnesota Nurses Association. Now is the time to create a single-payer health care model for all Minnesotans. As someone who worked for years in the health care field, Erin understands the complexities of health care reform more than most, and she knows we must stand up to health insurance companies to do what’s best for the people of Minnesota.


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