Kathleen Vinehout is for the people of Wisconsin


From: Michelle Maslowski

Kathleen Vinehout is my choice for Wisconsin governor.

She’s been my senator and has consistently impressed me with her intelligence, stamina, and willingness to connect with people in every forum. From rural Wisconsin, Vinehout is familiar with issues of concern the broadest spectrum of Wisconsinites. Among those issues:

We need relief from the uncertainty Republicans have handed us over access to affordable quality health care for people (rather than for profiteers).

We need to invest in education as a state for our state’s future growth.

We need to protect our natural resources. Pure water, fresh air, and a living landscape are essential for our people to prosper, and continue to prosper for the long term.

We need a governor who can write a budget that will serve the majority of people in our state. Vinehout did that, as a state senator, when she wrote four alternative budgets, in order to highlight how the current governor’s priorities could have been re-arranged.

Vinehout has developed a clear, detailed set of policies about these problems and many others, and she’s promoted these solutions vigorously during her tenure in the state senate. As governor, she’ll work for the people of Wisconsin!


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