Making America great


From: Philip Sorensen

A wise king once wrote: “Righteousness makes a nation great; sin brings reproach and shame.” While our president talks of making America great again, New York Governor Cuomo has said that America has never been that great. President Trump boasts of a strong economy, lower unemployment, and beefed-up military as indicators of greatness. But are they? What are the things that really make a nation great?

Respect for other people and our laws, honesty and moral integrity, good work ethics and family values are all factors in achieving greatness. On the other hand, dishonesty, moral corruption, and disrespect for other people and the laws of the land only destroy the foundations of a nation. It is sad when our political and religious leaders fail to lead the way in doing what is right and good. It only makes matters worse when there are efforts to cover up and gloss over the wrongdoing.

Two documents that set forth principles of greatness that have somewhat defined us as a nation are the 10 Commandments as found in the Bible, and the U.S. Constitution set forth by our founding fathers. If we really want to be great again, let’s not “chuck” or redefine them, but make them our guide. God will bless America if we do.


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