To the citizens of Trempealeau County


From: John Matousek

My name is John Matousek. I am the former District Attorney of Monroe County. I held the position as a prosecutor for 12.5 years and have been an attorney for 35 years. I have worked closely with scores of district attorneys and I can say that Taavi McMahon, your district attorney, is unquestionably one of the finest district attorneys in the state. Because of the enormous workload, he understands the need to prioritize his caseload. The drug problem within the rural communities is enormous, and he is meeting that challenge head-on by making it a number-one priority and by being firm and aggressive. McMahon treats everyone with respect, and that is a quality that I find extremely rare. He looks at each case that he handles individually and really cares about the effect on the community, the victim, and the defendant.

This recall petition is extremely misplaced and appears to be the product of gross misrepresentation. The potential to lose him would be a travesty. I strongly urge you all to vote McMahon at the recall election. He has the support of those in the know. He has the support of district attorneys and law enforcement all over the state.


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