Viking 29, Packers 29


From: Bernie Mayzek

29 to 29 sounds like a tie to me,
and what a game it was for all of us to see.
One reason our game ended in a tie:
Carlson missed three field goals, that is why.

Our quarterback, Cousins, played just great
Tremendous he was, that we’ll celebrate.
425 yards passing, wow he can throw
We’ve got a good QB, that we know.

Touchdowns by Thielen and Treadwell, Diggs had two
Along with a two pointer, run in by Diggs, too.
Cousins threw to Diggs for 75 yards
Sure can tell he was playing his cards.

Rudy, Cook and Hughs — Morgan and Murray I’d say
Played a good game on this hot sunny day.
Our defense played good led by Griffen, the man
They played really well as they usually can.

I sat on the edge of my seat most of the game
It was a wild one for sure, but no win came.
But we’ll have a win we can all remember
At home on the 25th of November.


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