Unite to vote ‘yes’ for kids


From: Julie Heinrichs

On November 6, Winona residents will have the opportunity to vote in favor of a building bond to address some of the most urgent facilities needs in the school district, including improved accessibility for people with mobility limitations, improved entrance security to keep our kids safe, and much-needed updates to preserve our school buildings. Passage of this bond will move us as a community toward providing a safer and healthier learning environment for all children.

Winona, these are our kids. Whether or not you have children in the district, these needs impact your neighbors, your friends, and your grandchildren. Community members and groups also use the school facilities for sports or other activities. The entire community benefits when schools thrive and are supported by its residents.

This vote is an important opportunity for Winona to unite in support of the kids and teachers who spend every day in our public schools and would benefit directly from the projects included in this referendum. Let’s take a big step in a positive direction this November and vote yes!


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