Vikes, 24 - Lions, 9


From: Bernie Mayzek

It was a game to see, and it all made sense
If you watched our team play, especially the defense
They had 10 sacks, led by Hunter, the man
He had 3.5 sacks and then he really ran

He ran for a touchdown from a fumble so great
The fans in the stand sure did celebrate
The sacks were a record setter put on by our team
A win for us was coming it would seem

Cook played good with a 70-yard gain
Murrey, Hunter and Thielen touchdowns, this was insane
Bee Bee played in his first NFL game
He did pretty good, and our win, it came

I think Rudy was the offensive man of the day
He does such good things, saved a TD today
So off to a bye week, time for a rest
Then off to Chicago, that will be a test


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