$500 fine for owning a sandbox


From: Steve Cooker
Minnesota City

Saudi Arabian and other foreign oil companies should celebrate Winona County for banning the sale of sand by holding a week of carnival rides, a Barnum and Bailey circus, gourmet foods, hot air balloon rides and mud wrestling, followed by a day of prayer and fasting while paying homage to Winona County for protecting foreign oil. Did you know people in oil-producing countries in the Middle East only pay 13-20 cents a gallon for gas? We pay 22-times more. Only someone on their payroll would ignore that.

North and South Dakota have more oil combined than all of Saudi Arabia! Unfortunately, they use chemicals to extract this oil, polluting water. However, it is possible to extract oil without these chemicals, it just costs more. The sand Winona County has is perfect for extracting oil, negating the need for harmful chemicals. It’s too bad some have been tricked or bribed into thinking Winona County sand is dangerous or toxic. Winona County citizens would benefit from the sale of sand. It’s called “free market enterprise.” What a concept! It just might work — especially since over 600 Winona-area jobs such as Winona Knitting Mills, the nations largest sweater manufacturer, were lost to N.A.F.T.A.

Did you know all glass is made from silica sand? The only way sand can hurt you is if a dump truck full of it is poured on your head, which may be a lot more fun to watch than mud wrestling. Don’t let people who weren’t even in preschool when New York City was bombed on 9/11 dictate which business is allowed to operate here. Sand can’t harm the environment any more than a hummingbird (should we get rid of those too?).

Since the sale of sand is hideously outlawed here in “Einstein County” let’s strip the beaches and sandbars, not use it on the roads in winter, and how about we impose a $500 fine for sandboxes in backyards and playgrounds. Sand = jobs.


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