You go Victoria Adler!


From: Keith Polus

Victoria, you are absolutely right that all of these politicians in Winona should go! Raising our taxes is the only solution these donkeys can come up with to pay for all of the entitlement programs. They force us to buy health care because we work … but give it to those that don’t. They are a special kind of stupid aren’t they? Hey I’m sorry to tell you buttercup, but my rights don’t end where your feelings begin.

If you are asking for elected officials in Winona and those on the School Board to use commonsense, fat chance, they have none. When have any elected officials in Winona listened to the public? Have you ever been to a School Board meeting? I swear that their ears are plugged with their own nonsense. They will continue to take from those of us that have it until we have it no more! Than what will they do when there is no more to take?

Victoria you are right — get rid of them all — but I’m afraid it is a little too late. The Winona Junior High has already been given away. Most of our beautiful downtown buildings have been demolished. The citizens of Rollingstone and Madison and Central, not to mention Lincoln, have already been spit out, and our taxes just keep on rising, as those who have earned it have to give it to those who have not. The public school system will never be satisfied and neither will the city. Their appetite for your money and mine will never be satisfied. Like the author of Ecclesiastes has wisely stated, “All the rivers flow into the sea, yet the sea is not full.” Like the sea, the appetite that these politicians have for our money will never come to an end. Hold on to what you can, build your strength, stockpile your ammo, until the revolution begins once again. In the mean time, I do agree. Get rid of them all.


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