The power of a kind word


From: David Foss

Words are, indeed, powerful. They can easily cheer and pacify us or they can easily sadden and anger us.

Have you ever spent a fitful night trying to sleep because some unkind words spoken to you took up residency in your mind? The cure for such a common occurrence is simple. With God’s help, we should develop and solidify a spirit of forgiveness. We know what the remedy is, but many times we still struggle with the acceptance of this known cure.

Unkind words can have us angrily tossing and turning most of the night. An encyclopedia (volume) of grating words and untranquil thoughts enter our minds and can keep us from falling off into la-la land.

Words can be thieves. They rob us of a good night’s rest. They rob us of good health. They rob us of good use of our time because it is very difficult to concentrate after unkind words have been spoken to us. They rob us of joy. They rob us of eternal reward because of our wrong response to them. Words can produce an abomination of bitterness that is of no value whatsoever.

Because of unkind words, we harbor things in our minds that are harmful to us. They do us no good thing. We should send such toxicity out to sea and have it sunk in the deepest ocean, never to rise again. We should sentence anything that destroys to its death.

The words that we speak should please God, not Satan. The words we speak should be encouraging, not discouraging. Favorable words cheer up one’s spirits; unfavorable words lower one’s spirits.

Certain words cause us to think irrationally. They can affect our thought process. They can replace pleasant thoughts with unpleasant thoughts. Certain words can miraculously transform an ill-tempered person into a good-natured person. Sincerity and consistency are the keys.

Does it make any good sense to allow words to upset us? Can a penguin win a 100-yard dash? Then why do we let someone’s unkind words send us into a tailspin? And why do we speak words that we know will upset someone else?

Ill feeling will vanish from within our hearts if we always speak pleasant words. The ill-filled hearts of the world can become amiable-filled hearts, all through the power of a kind word.

Ponder Proverbs 15:1, 15:23, and 25:11; Colossians 3:17; and Matthew 12:36-37.


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