Abortion: It is up to us to right the wrong


From: Ann Wells

Not only are we aborting approximately 900 of our babies a day in this country (325,500 a year), we are creating a looming demographic “time bomb!”

According to “Business Insider,” the U.S. birthrate has dropped to an all-time low in 2017 according to preliminary numbers from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Not only are we choosing to disregard God’s commandment, “Thou shall NOT kill,” but we are ending our own families’ line on this Earth.

Another (not so good) of an outcome for this country is that not only are we not replacing the people who now work and produce good things for this country, we are living longer. The demographic time bomb means fewer people are born, so fewer people are working and paying taxes and Social Security. By the time our younger generations want to retire, they won’t have much money or caregivers.

Another problem with aborting 900 of our babies a day in this country is that, just maybe, God had given some of these babies the desire and skill to find a cure for cancer or create beautiful music and art or possibly figure out ways to travel quickly using less pollution. Our roads, buildings, and maybe whole city blocks will deteriorate with there not being enough workers to repair them.

Those who speak of things like “one-payer health care” better forget that for two reasons: first, the money from millions of fewer workers who would be paying into the plan won’t exist and second, there will be many more elderly to care for as we are living longer — more than the younger bodies available who would be able to care for them. Also, to have more fair and lower rates, you need competition. Otherwise there would be no new ideas to fix what is broken, improve production, etc.

When you vote you have two choices. One party supports the people and their future. The other not only supports, but promotes aborting our future — by the MILLIONS. Right now, $500 million of our tax money goes to Planned Parenthood to abort the next generation. As if this isn’t bad enough, they also sell the body parts of those little lives. Sometimes mothers contemplating abortion are talked into protecting their child up until it has spent eight months in the womb, and THEN abort it for body parts, limbs and organs. This is done while the baby is still alive! WHY? FOR THE MONEY!

God bless this country — can He? Will He?


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