Doing a community service


From: Gail Goetzman

I was very saddened when I read the news of three Girl Scouts and their chaperone being killed while faithfully performing the good deed of roadside litter pick up. It made me remember the many years I was a Girl Scout leader and a roadside trash cleaner. I agonized over the fact that that could have happened to me and/or my valued volunteers.

Our cleanup ran a two-mile stretch through Homer up Homer Valley (County Road 15), and was done every spring and fall. We filled old, used plastic shopping bags rather than buying new trash bags and I separated recyclables, which were placed into our home recycle bin, and the trash in our ranch trash bin.

Starting 20 years ago, we went from collecting over 40 bags of trash, to only five bags of trash and three bags of recyclables on October 21 of this year. Over the years, I find most trash — like liquor bottles, beer/pop cans, cigarettes boxes and butts, and paper — at stop signs. I’ve also encouraged runners and walkers on the road to take along a bag and pick up trash as part of their exercise. In a perfect world, there’d be no roadside or after-parade litter with safety issues!


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