Trump’s wild ride


From: Dick Smith

Hey all you remaining Trump faithful! It has become crystal clear these last few days that your man has become completely unhinged. He has the balls to ask the Democrats to approve $5 billion for his stupid border wall or he will shut down the government. This is the same wall that he suckered you into voting for on his promise that Mexico would pay for. Now he has completely abandoned that promise and he expects the taxpayers to pay for it! Bull roar! Another lie, among the countless others that he has blessed us with. Anyone out there that voted for him and still believes that this man is your savior, should take a long look in the mirror and ask yourselves “what the Hell was I thinking!” If you still stand behind this idiot, then it is really scary to realize what this country has come to. I encounter people all the time that I thought were decent, intelligent citizens, that are still Trump followers and I find it extremely distressing. I know that you probably feel the same about my ideals, but history will prove me right. We have become a divided nation seemingly of good and evil and it is starting to look like good is finally prevailing. The president’s world is crumbling and justice is about to come crashing down on him. Hang in there folks, it’s going to be quite a ride and, hopefully, in the right direction.


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