Vikes, 27 — Lions, 9


From: Bernie Mayzek

The game started out not very good
The Vikes, they didn’t play like they should
The Lions played well, scored points, there were six
But we’d soon come alive, with our own bag of tricks

Cook did well and our defense was good
Thielen and Murray did what they could
Thielen had a super catch from Cousins’ good throw
All the way to the 10-yard line it would go

Then Diggs got a touchdown, that was great
And Rudy got two, we could celebrate
Cousin’ throws and Rudy’s great catch
A Hail Mary, 44 yards, Rudy did fetch

Another touchdown from Rudy, we had a good score
With Bailey’s two field goals, couldn’t ask for more
Rudy’s big day was why we did win
Sure hope next week we can do it again!


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