Letters: Here’s my question


From: Kevin Haessig

How did the rules for what happens during a government shutdown come about? Some employees are working without pay. Some aren’t working at all. It is almost certain that they will all get paid for the missed time — including those who did not work. The government has shown no qualms about spending money it does not have, as evidenced by the $20-trillion debt the country is carrying. What makes this situation different?

I suggest that the REAL reason employees are furloughed or required to work without pay is to allow politicians to point fingers at each other. The entire situation is absurd and, yet, another case of government not following its own rules. What would happen if a private employer tried to make employees work without paying them?

The finger pointing will continue as long as we allow it to continue by allowing the same politics as usual. If you have had enough, make sure you stand up and be counted on election day. You can vote for the same old political status quo by voting for democrats or republicans. Or, you can be brave, challenge the status quo and vote for someone who is not beholden to the two “major” political parties.


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