Pray for Pres ... America


From: Alima Fairchild

I have read some offensive letters from the folks of varied opinions around here, but I have never read one as offensive as Don Doerr’s on January 6. I thought you were done printing letters that demonized entire segments of society (in this case, the vast majority).

It is wicked to attempt to frighten people into joining one’s own paranoid cult.

Whoever this guy is, he doesn’t deserve public consumption of his hate speech. He’s no Christian by my definition (love God, love your neighbor), but he IS deplorable and needs to understand that it is his attitude that will bring trouble and that “all things work together for good for those who love God,” which is most regular people, and maybe even a few politicians.

“Don’t be afraid” was Jesus’ most frequently repeated teaching. So would that make Mr. Doerr the representative of the Anti-Christ?


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