Letters: What people’s advocate?


From: Nick Redig

We are starting a new year in Winona County; hold on to your wallets. The board has voted to raise our taxes instead of cutting costs. There are only two smart members of the board that care about the taxpayers and they are farmers. The three city members of the board only know how to raise taxes — not be responsible to the taxpayers. Marie Kovecsi claims she is the people’s advocate (that slogan sounds like it’s from Cuba) but she is not talking about the people paying taxes. One example: they did not want to cut funding to several nonprofits that the county gives money to. WHY is the county giving our money away? (This is what happens when you don’t have adults in office.) There are a handful of nonprofits that the county is funding (and they are GREAT nonprofits) but what about all the others in our area? There are dozens and dozens of great nonprofits that the county is not funding! WHY NOT? Shouldn’t all nonprofits in our county get equal funding? Where do you stop? What these politicians want us to think is that they are generous for doing this, but they are just taking money from some and giving it to others, and not their own money! What they are is spineless! This leads to the question of what the role of government in our country is. Our government has three basic roles: to protect us (police, fire, etc.), to provide infrastructure, (roads, bridges, red tape, etc.) and the judicial aspect. Unfortunately many politicians forget this once they are in office, and our government has grown too large. Marie, Greg and Chris are leaders of the county Government Knows Best (GKB) club, and they appointed their leader to chair. They will decide who should be in business; they already decided our taxes are too low — hold on to your wallet, they are just getting started. The problem is they are not alone. The city has a growing budget, and our new governor (the leader of the state GKB) is ashamed that we are not the highest taxed state. Even though Minnesota has a projected budget surplus, he does not want to give it back; he wants to raise the gas tax and he won’t be happy until we are number-one in taxes! Hopefully our elected officials will start to use our tax money for what our government is intended to do. The only bright side is, if the GKB club continues to grow, it will solve the illegal immigration problem, because our economy will match that of a third-world country and the immigrants will decide to stay where they are! So far, the GKB clubs in those countries are much stronger than they are here. There are many forms of the GKB but, in the end, the results are the same, and that’s why an estimated 150-million people would like to come and live with us, according to Gallup.


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