Letters: Power abuse in local politics


From: Becky Clark

How is the Daley family supposed to get a fair and impartial hearing for their farming operation by the county boards and commissioners? Some of the commissioners have already made up their mind judging by the comments made on MPCA commenting and newspaper articles. They are already deviating from practices that have been in place for years in order to cheat the rural commissioners from having their lawful turn picking citizen volunteers for the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment. They changed the process to benefit their own interests. They abused their power to pick citizen volunteers from the list of people who are strongly against Daley’s family expansion and have made their viewpoints known through the MPCA comments and hearing. How can these committees achieve fair and equal representation for all constituents when it’s plain to see this is clearly not the case? It appears minds have been made up before the hearing, with no chance to see what the Daley family has planned. They’re just against it. Why?


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