Letters: We don’t need dairy


From: Alima Fairchild

Regarding the letter urging people to sign on to protect dairy,

1. The word “milk” has been used for centuries to describe extracts of plant foods, or even a stage of grain maturity. Also as in, “The rich milk the poor.”

2. Cow’s milk (or goat, etc.) is only necessary for babies and children who can’t be nursed by their mothers. For adults, it is a source of luxury.

3. Excess consumption of cow’s milk is causing children to grow excessively large, with 15 year olds more and more often topping six feet — boys and girls alike. The likely culprit of this is rBGH.

4. All the nutrients in cow’s milk are readily available from other foods. Cup for cup, spinach (cooked) contains as much calcium as milk. Meat, legumes and peanut butter are the major sources of protein. Nut and soy milks have added vitamins A and D, just like cow milk.

I say, sign on to REDUCE dairy, which is allergenic to people, cruel to animals, and wasteful of land that could grow real food such as apples, pears, plums, vegetables, poultry and other human-scale agriculture/horticulture.

Cattle belong on the range, not in dark, damp barns. We might have to eat them, but we don’t have to exploit them.


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