Letters: Pres. Trump can save us


From: Don Doerr Sr.

Over the years, I have never liked Donald J. Trump. However, after experiencing the inherent evil of the Democrat party, their Me Too following, and fawning RINO Republicans such as Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush, I (like many Americans) have developed a new appreciation for our President, Donald J. Trump!

Unless President Trump caves to the treasonous Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, Tim Kaine, Jerry Brown, and Chuck U. Schumer (to mention only a few), Trump could go down in history with two of our greatest Presidents, George Washington and James K. Polk (Google these two great and accomplished leaders).

Is Trump perfect? No, he is not! He has funded the evil Planned Parenthood and has outlawed the “bump stocks” that our Founding Fathers knew that we would one day need to defend ourselves against evil and conspiring government as previously represented by Hitler, Stalin, and others. Only the Second Amendment is keeping American “Deplorables” from experiencing Hitler’s Final Solution first hand.
Yet American Christian “Deplorables,” seen by the Democrats as Hitler saw the Jews, are beginning to appreciate President Trump as perhaps our only hope for survival.


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