It shouldn’t happen to a dog


From: Deanne Sozepanski

They are tortured.

They are torn from limb to limb.

They are burned and mutilated.

They are dumped into the garbage.

Parts of them are sold for research.

Even their mothers are sometimes killed in the process.

If you actually committed these deeds on dogs, or any animal, you would be in jail very shortly.

But abortionists do these things to 4,000 human babies every day in America — and it’s legal.

Don’t let society lay a guilt trip on you, making you think you must adopt pets, which you may not need or want. Instead, get involved with the Right to Life organization in your area.

There are designated areas of “no kill” for pets. Let’s bring all of America into a “NO KILL” culture for not only babies, but the elderly and handicapped, as well.


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