Do your part to keep children on the school bus safe


From: Mike Kirschmann

Yesterday, January 22, on the national nightly news, there was a story about an inattentive driver crashing into the back of a stopped school bus full of children. Both vehicles burst into flames.

Hardly a day goes by when a school bus in Winona isn’t passed by an inattentive driver when the school bus is stopped and has red flashing lights on and a red stop sign arm out. There are also red or yellow lights flashing on the back of a school bus. These lights signal drivers coming from BOTH directions that they have to stop before reaching the school bus. Yellow flashing lights on a school bus indicate that you have to slow down and pass with caution.

Most of the danger could be eliminated if police departments would start ticketing drivers for passing extended stop sign arms on school buses and ticket people for using cell phones while driving. Does some child have to die before these laws are enforced?


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