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Matter of Faith: Let’s become saints


From: Mary Zimmerman

Shall we become saints? Do you want to? Mother Angelica, of the Eternal World Television Network, always said, “We are all called to be saint; don’t miss the opportunity.” Yes, we always have that chance; it’s up to us to decide, but who wouldn’t want an eternity of bliss? To get to this happiness, God expects us to pray, trust, and ask for and accept His mercy. How long will you have? God is the only one that really knows. We need to use our spiritual tools (mentioned above) on a daily basis.

Anyone who goes to Heaven reaches Sainthood, but those who lead a very spiritual, productive life, or turned away from sin to accomplish the above, become canonized saints. A few of these include St. Faustina, St. Mother Theresa, St. John Paul II, St. Theresa, and many others. To obtain the canonized title, you’d need two proven miracles — just one miracle would earn the deceased saint the title of Blessed. For example, when someone prays for a sickly person and that person is then miraculously cured. This indicates to us our loved ones in Heaven or Purgatory have the ability to pray for those of us still striving to someday reach the gates of Heaven.

Since I don’t have a lot of titles in mind, I’ll introduce you to some of the saints. The Blessed Mother is high on my list, as is Saint Faustina. When I taught my grandson, Matt, his faith formation one year, it didn’t surprise me that when I asked him who my favorite saint was, his answer came quick and precise: Saint Faustina.

Jesus knew very well mankind and the world was very much in dire need of his mercy, and he chose Sister Faustina to share his message of mercy to the world. He also picked others to keep spreading the good news of God’s great love and mercy — I was one of those (though unworthy) God chose to share with the world, as far as I can reach, Saint Faustina’s message of God’s love and mercy.

Sister Faustina was the third of 10 children. Born to a pious family in 1905 in Poland, she was christened Helena. On August 1, 1925, she finally gained admittance to the Covent of the Sisters of our Lady of Mercy in Warsaw, where she took the name Sister Marie Faustina. She served as cook, gardener and doorkeeper. It was during these years the God commissioned her to write her diary. She had a host of spiritual gifts and they, among others, were vision, prophecy, invisible stigmata, the ability to read human souls and a profound knowledge of the mystery of God’s mercy.

“Humanity will not enjoy peace until it turns to my mercy,” (Diary, 699).

“If a soul does not exercise mercy in one way or another, it will not obtain my mercy on the day of Judgment,” (Diary, 317).

So let’s all give and receive mercy and become saints! I hope to see you all in Heaven!


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