Letters to the Editor: Many reasons to oppose


From: Jane Cowgill

There are many reasons to oppose the expansion requested by the Daley Farms: in an area where the water supply is already compromised by nitrates, the karst topography will make spills dangerous to the health of the water; the operation has been out of compliance in the past with how it handles its manure; the Daley Farms are already grandfathered in well over the animal unit limit set for Winona County; and the proposed expansion is enormous.

I would like, though, to draw attention to another issue, which is less discussed than those above. That is, the effects on other farms in the area. With the Daley Farms’ expansion, smaller farming operations will be put at a disadvantage. They will not be able to compete with the enormous out-put that the Daley Farms will produce. With smaller farms already under pressure, this would be a significant threat to their viability.

It does not seem right that this one operation should be granted special treatment, allowed to go against the manifest will of the people of Winona County as expressed in the caps on animal units by the County Board, and permitted to endanger the water and the continued operation of smaller farms. They should not be allowed a variance for this project.


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