Let’s make Winona hate-free now


From: John Rupkey

Some protestant ministers in Winona teach gay children that God disapproves of the only kind of human love they are able to experience. Also, all Catholic Diocesan priests, teachers, and professors in Winona teach gay children that God considers the love he created in them disordered.

When some Winona youngsters begin to discover that God created them gay, they experience fear and self-rejection because of these hateful religious teachings. Many Protestant ministers reject these teachings as evil, but all Diocesan priests continue to seriously harm Winona’s gay children with these cruel teachings. They mouth the words of love while promoting hate.

Followers of these teachers of hate share responsibility for programming self-hate into Winona’s innocent gay children, forcing them into self-destructive “closets.” When they were young, these followers were indoctrinated to believe that God approves of this doctrine, so they don’t take responsibility for the devastating hate they are blindly opposing on Winona’s gay kids.

Let’s make Winona hate-free now. Winonans don’t have to generate hate until some distant pope or synod sees the light.

Many religious Winonans already reject this anti-gay preaching, yet, they still enable the preachers of hate by giving them money. They like the non-hateful aspects of their religion.

But enabling evil is evil.

Religious Winonas can continue to support their religion while eliminating their enabling of hate by significantly reducing their financial contributions to demonstrate to pastors their rejection of their religion’s immoral, anti-gay theology.

Writers of the Old Testament and Paul’s Epistles never wrote anything directed at people who are able to fall in love only with members of their own sex, because they didn’t know that God created people like this. They couldn’t write about people they didn’t know existed. Yet, it is the words of these writers that religious people who inflict hate on Winona’s gay children like to quote and misapply.

But Winona’s preachers of hate are careful to ignore the teachings of Jesus, because the commandment we have from him is this: “whoever loves God must also love his [gay] brother,” (First Epistle by the young man Jesus loved, 4:21).


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