Consensus on moving our mailboxes


From: James Puz

This letter is for all of those who live on the east side of Winona County Road 17 (just before the old school house) and would like to avoid crossing the road to get your mail.


I’ve contacted the Winona postmaster and, to my understanding, there is no postal regulation that requires our mailboxes to be on the west side of 17. The matter is entirely up to the mail carriers so that their line of travel is not hindered or altered unfavorably.

Therefore, since the carriers travel on the west side of 17 to deliver our mail and return on the east side (as appears to be the case), there should be no logical objection from them. However, I’m not sure if this change applies to those who live on 17 going up the hill toward Witoka.

Based on the increased traffic over the years and the chronic speeding, crossing 17 can be extremely hazardous to get one’s mail (or no mail!) as I’m sure you’re all too aware of. I recently heard that someone in Minnesota was killed crossing a road to get their mail.

So, if you’d like to have your mailbox on the same side of the road as your home, contact the Winona postmaster at 454-5268 and express this desire. The present situation makes no sense and is not only dangerous — it can be downright deadly.


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