Matter of Faith: Make 2019 count


From: Mary Zimmerman

How do we make this year different from past years? Maybe it’s time for an inventory check. Recall your past sinful habits and then make a real effort to shed those habits while forming new, virtuous ones. How you ask? The real keys to success in becoming a better person involve knowing this is something God wants for you, so it’s with His help we can achieve this goal.

Attend weekly church and talk to God on a daily basis. Prayer, sincere prayer, involves raising your mind and heart to God. Do not try and figure out your dinner menu while praying or mentally do your weekly shopping. Your mind may wander, but pull back the reins when that begins to happen. Be mentally present and focused. Check the 10 Commandments and the spiritual and physical Acts of Mercy (feeding the hungry, etc.). Let the phrase, “It’s better to give than to receive,” be ever on your mind. Make someone happy with a much-needed gift or the consolation of letting them know you are praying for them.

Each year brings us closer to our meeting with God and we certainly want that to go well! We prepare for a job interview; even 100 times more should we prepare for our judgment by the One who made us in His own image and likeness in every way but sin. The world is only a testing ground for something more radiant and beautiful than we can ever imagine.

Let’s make this year the best ever — you never know when it will be your last. Someday our troubles and pain will be turned to indescribable beauty and happiness in Heaven.

A special blessing for all my dear readers

May God always bless
you and keep you.

May God’s face always
shine upon you.

May you know God’s
compassion and mercy.

May God walk
beside you forever.

May God look upon
you with kindness.

May God fill your heart
with peace.

May God’s love be forever
within you.

May God always bless you
and keep you.

- Numbers 6:24-26


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