Put ‘carbon free’ on the back burner, for now


From: Jerry Papenfuss

Governor Walz has proposed making Minnesota’s energy sector carbon free by 2050. He calls it operational, but if you go to Xcel Energy’s website, they call it aspirational.

In other words, the technology is not available to assure electricity when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine. As unreliable as the weather is, I can’t believe anybody would want to trust the entirety of our electric needs to the weather.

Then, there is the expense — there is nothing in the governor’s plan that outlines what the cost is. Most people agree electricity rates will become higher. Governor Walz talks about helping the poor and the middle class but his plan would hurt these two groups more than anyone else and his bill will be very costly for rural Minnesota, which is mostly served by rural electric associations.

Minnesota is doing very well converting to renewable energy and contributes a very small amount to carbon emissions. We have so many pressing problems in our state. Governor, please deal with these challenges and put “carbon free” on the back burner, for now.


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