To Hell with compromise!


From: David Foss

What does compromise bring to Americans? Compromises assure us that the best ideas are cast aside. When our employees (government officials) compromise, we end up with second-rate (third-rate, fourth-rate, etc.) solutions. Is this wise or good?

Is any company apt to stay afloat using this procedure? Ten ideas may be submitted, and one is the best. However, to keep every employee happy, the company incorporates only part of the best idea along with the others. Is this a good recipe for success? Would such a hodgepodge make a successful company? No, such practice would ensure the company go belly up. What will be the outcome when our employees (government officials) continue to cast aside the best ideas because of an infantile characteristic?

Comprise will always be the putting in place of that which is not the best for America. Compromise is a surefire deterrent against what would be best for Americans. Compromise is always the wrong way to go.

Our employees who childishly insist on angering the malcontents (citizenry of America) should be placed in a dinghy and sent on their way to a deserted island. The person who brought compromise to fruition should be required to watch numerous videos showing the uncalled-for frustration that it has brought to everyone in our country. This individual needs to view everything Americans have had to endure as a result of the blameworthy implementation of compromise. How juvenile for “intellectual” adults to promote compromise.

It is extremely troubling that our employees won’t focus on, act or implement the best ideas because everyone else’s feelings would be hurt. Boo hoo! Tsk tsk! How juvenile and aggravating that our employed government officials allow such behavior and settle for a mixture of far less than what is best for our country only because each government official must receive some credit or recognition.

A hodgepodge, including second-rate ideas to the absolute worst idea, should never be accepted as the way to go. Do our employees ever ask this question? Are the American people going to be treated justly by our acceptance and implementation of that which is not the best policy — that which should have been rejected and thrown on a refuse heap?

How can so many “intellectuals” not realize or comprehend that compromise is a system that only pleases the government officials who have contributed to a hodgepodge of not-so-good ideas? Is it right for Americans to only receive a portion of what would be best for this country and its citizens? Should it not be the responsibility and goal of our employees to always seek to achieve the best solution for every American? Of course. If the employees of the people continue to act like spoiled preschoolers, aggravation and frustration will continue to fester within the hearts of American citizenry. Compromise needs to be sent back to where it originated: the pit of Hell. Our employees need to grow up and rightly say, “To Hell with compromise!”


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