Those who did — and didn’t — attend Promoting Modern Ag


From: Nick Redig

Thank you to the approximately 400 people who attended the Promoting Modern Agriculture (PMA) banquet recently. Thank you to Steve Jacob, Marcia Ward (rural county commissioners) and Winona Area Chamber Commerce for supporting Minnesota Pork Producers, Southeast Minnesota Ag Alliance, Minnesota Corn Growers, and Winona County Farm Bureau, who sponsored the event. The PMA awarded 14 scholarships to students studying agriculture and related subjects. Sadly, what was missing was the members of the “Government Knows Best (GKB) club” from the Winona County Board. They already know all they need to know about one of the counties largest industries, so they chose not to attend. Their knowledge about agriculture is so vast they didn’t need to show up. Marie Kovecsi, Chris Meyer, and Greg Olsen are proud members of the “club” and are not afraid to vote to control Winona County farmers; after all, what would city commissioners need to learn from the people in the country when they have such vast expertise about modern agriculture? (I guess they do drive through the country whenever they leave Winona!) Now to be fair, it did start during happy hour, so it may have been hard to fit into their schedule. But the funny thing is just a few days later Kovecsi and Meyer found time to attend an event sponsored by a group of apartment owners (the meal was free there). It would appear that the county board GKB members feel apartments are more important than agriculture in the county!


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