Facts on carbon-free campaign


From: Emilie Falc, Scott Lowery, Liz Wilson, and Judy Shepard
Winona Climate Action Network (CAN)

Myth: Minnesota’s 100-percent carbon-free energy campaign will drive up consumer costs in Greater Minnesota.

Fact: some of your neighbors are already enjoying monthly cost savings from membership in local solar gardens but, so far, availability is limited. Pending legislation (HF2208) would make community solar gardens more accessible to a larger number of customers so they can purchase clean, locally produced energy at a reasonable price.

Fact: by targeting a transition to carbon-free energy by 2050, these bills would boost our rural entrepreneurs and job-creators. Statewide goals will incentivize ramped-up production of carbon-free energy technologies and draw in more investors to fund innovative research and development. According to a recent McKnight Foundation study, full-scale solar and wind development could create 50,000 new jobs in Minnesota, many of them rural. (See https://atb.nrel.gov/electricity/2017/index.html.)

Fact: consumer savings from transition to clean energy are statewide because wind and solar are cheaper than natural gas. Thanks to rapid developments in solar technology, it is now the cheapest form of electricity and is also less subject to price swings.

By letting the sun shine without harvesting it, we are letting all that potential carbon-free energy slip right through our fingers. What are you waiting for? Tell your legislators to support carbon-free energy for Minnesota. Find your state legislators at https://www.leg.state.mn.us/leg/legislators. Your state representative needs to hear from you today!


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