The age of leg jiggling


From: Vivian Fusillo

I taught school before the “Age of Leg Jiggling,” the now prevalent habit of quick up-and-down bouncing of one’s leg or legs. I first noticed it with boys in the classroom, then girls, and eventually adults. I found it hard to concentrate when the entire room was jiggling.

During my daily visit to the local café, when I am writing of my past experiences or visiting with an alum, I’ve become very aware of the leg jiggling of many of the other customers. There was a table of 12 people, all a variety of ages. During their meeting they all jiggled at different times, sometimes one leg only and sometimes both.

Now for my composition idea: if there was a way to attach a note or tone to each person’s legs and record it, it might be a wonderful John Cage-inspired symphonic piece. Of course, this wouldn’t always work, as evidence in the case of the young man today who jiggled both knees continually for one hour, except when he blew his nose.


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