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Matter of Faith: Make today count


From Mary Zimmerman

How can we make today count? A very good place to start is by turning our minds and hearts to God and listening to this very important message of His: Good morning! This is God! I will be handling all your problems today. I will not need your help, so have a good day.

We now must concentrate on each minute God provides us with; hopefully we can have good memories of yesterday, which can only happen if we are conscious of how we live each moment today. Some memories quickly fade away but the really happy ones (such as our wedding day) and the really sad ones (deaths of family members) stick with us.

Sometimes I ask myself if our son, Duane, (and all the babies) really left us. We need to realize reality and make the best of it with in the hope of meeting lost loved ones again in Heaven.

As we draw the shades of each day, it’s to our advantage to kneel and tell God we’re sorry for our sins and ask Him each morning for His help to do better. We will make today count if we look at life as a wonderful journey.

“Life is a wonderful journey, made with steps both great and small — winding its way toward the beautiful truth that waits at the heart of it all.”