Matter of Faith: Remember


From: Mary Boehmke

I very much enjoyed reading the poem attached to Mary Zimmer’s letter in the Matter of Faith section of the February 17, 2019, edition of the Winona Post.

Would you please print the poem again so others have may have missed it could appreciate it as I have?

Only a Moment
by Kay Hoffman

It only take a moment
to give a word of cheer,
to warm the heart of someone
whose skies are dark and drear.

It only takes a moment
to clasp another’s hand,
to him that you’d like to help,
you care and understand.

It only takes a moment,
and yet, in hurried pace,
we often neglect small kindnesses,
a frown upon our face.

Perhaps we have forgotten
when in our hour of need
how much it meant when others gave
a kindly word or deed.

It only takes a moment
to breathe a little prayer,
asking God to bless His children
in places everywhere.

These precious little moments
send winging far and near,
like homing pigeons that will return
to bring our own heart cheer.


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