The driver’s license bill will benefit us all


From: Tom Parlin

There is a bill in the Minnesota Senate to provide driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. It has already passed in the Minnesota House. I am writing in support of this bill.

Our local dairy and farm industries rely almost solely on immigrant labor. Without their employment, our local rural economy would suffer significantly. We rely on immigrant labor to put food on the table, and they need transportation to arrive for work. Likely, there are many currently who are driving without licenses.

We will benefit from the passing of this bill in many ways:

1. With licenses immigrants would be required to have insurance. There is no way to get insurance without the license.

2. A driver’s test would be a requirement for the license.

3. In cases of traffic stops, having a driver’s license ID is helpful and safer for law enforcement.

Until 2003, undocumented immigrants were allowed to have licenses. I believe it is time to reinstate this law. The driver’s license bill is a traffic-safety issue.

The immigrants working in our area are our neighbors. They have a human face and each have a story. A vote for this bill helps them and helps our community.


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