Matter of Faith: Born again?


From: Philip Sorensen

What does it mean? Jesus told a Jewish leader, Nicodemus, that he needed to be born again to enter Heaven (John 3:3). When Nicodemus didn’t understand, Jesus explained that physical birth is one thing, but spiritual birth is another. In our natural birth, we are born sinners and need to be reborn spiritually. This doesn’t come about through human effort; it’s a supernatural work of grace. This is described for us in Ezekiel 36:25-27. To sum it up, God will change our hearts, forgive our sins, and send his Spirit to live in us. The Apostle Paul wrote, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new person. Old things are passing away, and everything is becoming new.” -II Corinthians 5:17.

We may experience other life-changing experiences, but none make us fit for Heaven like this spiritual rebirth. It will happen when we come to Christ. He calls us to repent and trust him as Savior and Lord. A songwriter wrote, “His power can make you what you ought to be; his blood can cleanse your heart and make you free; his love can fill your life and you will see; t’was best for him to have his way with thee.”

God’s love, forgiveness and peace are available to you now. Just invite him into your life today (Revelation 3:20).


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