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From: Cole Abnet

I wanted to share my story with you as a current employee of Bay State Milling. As of writing this, I am about two and a half months away from celebrating my 10-year anniversary with the company. I was employed by Bay State right out of high school, as a temporary utility worker for the summer. Having the opportunity and the good pay rate Bay State Milling offered, I had two semesters of college paid for. I returned to work for another summer after my first year at college.

As I finished school and graduated, I worked for a different company as a mechanic and later on as a welder. Then the recession hit and like many, I was laid off. My dad, Randy Abnet, a Bay State employee, was able to help me get back into Bay State full time. I have been with the company ever since. In the last 10 years, I have seen many changes. I have seen the technology changes this company invests in, from new pack machines to automated palletizers, and milling equipment has been added to increase the new and exciting flour blends our customers love. Safety is the forefront of Bay State Milling, always looking for ways to keep our employees safe.

I have worked every job in the packing and loading department, from utility stacking bran and rye bags, all the way to controlling the whole mill as a head packer. My current role is “sack person” and I am responsible for making sure all pack lines are stocked with bags for product packaging, ordering said bags, and inventory control. These bags are currently stored in the Peerless building. Storage in the Peerless building is nothing short of an obstacle. The building has three floors, but the current space provides just enough room for a pallet jack to move around on each floor. I use the pallet jack to move one pallet at a time; I place it on the freight elevator only to then use a forklift to get it to the correct pack line. This process can take up to an hour for each pallet I move back and forth and it is very inefficient.

Building our desired warehouse would help eliminate the issues with the way we store and move the bags around. I would like the readers to support Bay State Milling in our endeavor to build a new warehouse where the existing Peerless and Godfather’s buildings currently stand. A new warehouse will ensure a safe work environment and streamline our processes for my fellow Bay State Milling coworkers, the future employees and myself.


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