Lewiston needs you


From: Scott Smith

Lewiston has experienced some loss over the years. The town swimming pool, the locally owned grocery store, our bowling alley, our clinic, and Camera Art are just a small list of these losses. The Lewiston golf course may very well be the next negative milestone in this scary path that has others and myself afraid of seeing where it will end. The golf course went up for sale this last year and has been listed for months now.

You may be thinking that businesses are bought and sold all the time, so why is this a problem for the members of the Lewiston community?

This may be a problem if the property converts to something other than a golf course, like farm fields, more houses, or worse, doesn’t sell for years. If this property goes unpurchased for more than a year, the greens will be too far gone to bring back without a major investment. If this happens, the likelihood of the property continuing to be a golf course will diminish and we will lose another gathering spot for the adults and children of this community.

Having a place that allows residents to gather for recreation or leisure is very important to a community. It allows us the social networking that we as humans greatly need, to see each other out of our own houses and work and to discuss social and town needs. It allows us to have an outlet to relieve the stresses of the day, and have a place that children can go and learn not only a game but lessons of self-discipline, proper sportsmanship and structure, giving our kids one more option than just video games and idle hands. Losing this kind of option for our community is a problem.

We are having a meeting at the Lewiston Community Center on May 16 at 6 p.m. to discuss current actions to keep this venue open and possible other options and questions the community may have. If you are a member of this community and care about this issue and want to change the path of which I am writing, I urge you attend this meeting and bring questions and ideas. Together we can save golf in Lewiston!


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