Matter of Faith: Tickets to Chicago


From: Jamie Smith

Mrs. Smith and I have tickets to see the band Chicago in Red Wing, Minn. We saw them at Red Rocks a few years ago. I was constantly playing “Chicago Transit Authority” and “Chicago II” in the dorms at college and I still listen to them today. A few college classmates will meet us at the venue.

In order to get those tickets, I had to pay Ticketmaster a correspondent amount of money. The tickets were released to me and I am looking forward to the performance. This enjoyment is sort of a foretaste of the actual concert.

1 Ti. 2:6: “Who is giving Himself a correspondent Ransom for all ...”

A correspondent ransom is sufficient for setting free all that is intended. It isn’t sufficient just for some. If it is intended for all, it is sufficient for all because the price paid corresponds or equates to the requirement.

Let’s say that I didn’t have the resources to buy the tickets to the performance. However, I have a friend that bought them for me. He paid the price. He didn’t tell me about that until the day of the concert. I couldn’t enjoy the time before the concert because I hadn’t known I would be going. When he gives me the tickets I would be joyful.

He is a faithful friend. I mistreated him in the weeks leading up to the performance yet he still happily gave me the tickets. It gave him great joy. I felt remorse and sorrow for my treatment of him but, in the end, it cultivated a greater love and trust in him. He operated in grace.

That is where the power of God’s love resides. It turns enemies into friends — without fail. That is the real power of the gospel. See how it works?

If God tells you about the tickets ahead of time you will enjoy a taste of salvation now. You will know that He not only bought tickets for you but for all of your friends and relatives — for everyone. They will all eventually show up to the performance.

If you are not told about your tickets and you unexpectedly receive them from the happy God (1 Ti. 1:11) at the end of the eons, how cool will that be? How thankful will you be? That will foster an endless love for Him.


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