Let’s make Minnesota safe


From: Susan Zeller

Senator Miller,

On Saturday, April 27, you saw a town hall filled with people who wanted your support for the proposed gun laws in Minnesota. Ironically, that very day there was a deadly shooting at a Jewish Synagogue. Then, at a deadly shooting at a university. A deadly traffic shooting across the border in Iowa. Yesterday – at a school in Colorado. More death. More young people taken from our country.

I asked you, as a voice of the children of Minnesota, to support SF802 WITH the two gun safety measures included. As an elected politician, it is on you to help protect Minnesotans from death and injury from gun violence. These measures would be another step to help. Children should not have to go to school afraid. I just saw a young child watching YouTube with tears in her eyes. She was watching a video interview of a student who survived the shooting last week. My niece asked for new shoes because a shooter would see her light-up shoes. I asked you to support these measures as the voice of the children of Minnesota. I ask you again – after hearing from your constituents (the one man who spoke in opposition was not a constituent, but a Gun Owner Caucus spokesperson from Blaine – NOT one of your constituents), please hear our request.

These two additional gun safety measures do not ban guns. They continue to allow gun ownership in alignment with the Second Amendment. They simply provide safer gun ownership. They expand criminal background check requirements for several types of gun transactions and allow authorities to temporarily keep guns away from people deemed a risk to themselves or others. These aren’t bold or innovative approaches, they are common sense.

As a trauma/critical care nurse I will cry every single time I have to care for someone because of gun violence. The lucky ones made it to my care, some never even made it to the hospital. Those victims are all someone’s child. As a state, let’s work to making Minnesota the safest state with the fewest gun incidences.


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